After the wedding

Fairytale stories

Some of the couples who decided to spend unforgettable days on the island..

Julia and Alessandro

Autumn 2017

An unforgettable day for Julia and Alessandro in the exclusive location of Hotel Verbano, on Isola Pescatori.

Browse the photogallery and dream with us.

Photos by Mattia Colombini

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Goksu and Zumre

Summer 2016

Hotel Verbano had the pleasure of sharing an unforgettable day with Goksu and Zumre. Browse the pictures of their big day and relive this love story with us!

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Camilla and Daniele

Summer 2016

Many thanks to this wonderful couple for sharing their big day with us.

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Clara and Lorenzo

Summer 2016

Clara and Lorenzo came to Isola Pescatori from Canada, to celebrate their wedding with friends and family in this corner of paradise.

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Eleonora and Emanuele

Summer 2016

Hotel Verbano gave to Eleonora and Emanuele an unforgettable wedding day. Browse the photographs to relive with us all the most romantic moments of the day.

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