Isola dei Pescatori – also known by the name of Isola Superiore – is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque of the Borromean Islands, besides being the only permanently inhabited island of the gulf.

So distinctive is its small, ancient hamlet that the island offers an authentic glimpse of a distant world, a taste of times gone by, when romance and elegance prevailed.

Among the narrow streets of this village, stand the typical houses of the island, with their red brick roofs and long balconies, used by fishermen in olden days to dry fish caught in the clear waters of Lake Maggiore.

The unmistakable outline of the island is distinguished by the pointed steeple of the Church of San Vittore, a national monument of great historical and cultural value.

Words cannot describe the charm of this island and the atmosphere you experience walking through its streets and along its shores, where the small boats belonging to local residents are moored. It becomes even more charming in the evening, with the island glimmering in the light of the moon reflected off the lake, creating a truly unique sight.

Hotel Verbano is proud to play a part in this magic that, year after year, season after season, delights tourists and explorers alike, offering fairytale moments to be treasured with some of the dearest memories of their lives.